Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records

We forever attempt to do things that are on the far side limits, as we have a tendency to as human, love to try new things, each now and then, whether or not it’s extraordinarily wise or fully insane. once a year we tend to get to see a brand new record is set, and a few of those records are filled with the weirdest hobbies performed by wackiest individuals. however such weird hobbies, have won them a title in Guinness World Records. Here we’ll point out ten craziest world records.

This book of records has given us plenty of entertainment, as these record holds of people who have spent lots of time to make this happen, whether or not it’s craziest or the most exceptional record, they are in this book of record. although it’s the foremost outstanding hobby or not, several people wouldn’t dare to try it, and these people have really done it. thus below is that the list of ten of the craziest world records, which might actually shock you out!

10.Longest fingernails

9.Longest time in the snow

8.Most Hula Hoopers in One Spot

7.Most naked peoples on a roller coaster

6.Deepest underwater cycling

5.The fastest toilet in the world

4.Most fried rice

3.Longest airplane eater

2.A man with the most piercing

1.Man with tattoo

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