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elephant facts: Smoking Elephant

Actually, elephants are the biggest mammal on the earth. They are very popular with the humans because of their gentle behavior. As the biggest animal, Elephant eats 50 tons of food a year. Here in this article, we will watch a video of a smoking elephant. Which is recently found in Nagarahole National Park, India. Also, we will cover some interesting elephant facts. In the video, the elephant was exhaling a large puff of smokes.

Let’s see the video of the smoking elephant:-

As can be seen in the video, Elephant was smoking using some material.  As a matter of fact, scientist says, they are smoking charcoal, because that makes them healthy.

Crazy Elephant Facts

Elephants are able to notice a thunderstorm from 280km away and can head towards it, searching for water. In 2004, elephants appeared to head for higher ground before the Asian tsunami-stricken.T

the typical lifetime for an elephant in the wild is from fifty to seventy years. The oldest identified elephant in the world lived to be eighty-two years aged.

Most people don’t understand that elephants have the potential to be more dangerous than different animals. They rarely are however there’s always a chance for aggressive behaviors even in those who are in captivity for an awfully long term.

Reproduction can occur any time of the year for elephants. As long as they feel secure and that they have lots of food it’s one thing which will frequently occur.

Finally, I believe that we all are amazed by seeing this video.  This is one of the strangest habits of elephants. Here is another article which discusses the weird facts about humans. You may like it.

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