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Best Pen Drawing By Bryan Rugangira

Drawing skill is one of the best gifts from God.  Sometimes we all take attention to amazing drawings. Indeed we are. Here a  visual artist and graphic designer Bryan Rugangira amazed many peoples by sharing a pen drawing. Of course, most of them [including me] amazed by seeing it.

Most of the followers believed it is an ordinary picture when he uploaded the first picture. But after some time he uploaded the different stages of the same work. Within a day the tweet went viral. That picture got 277k in a single day on twitter.

Let’s see the stages of pen drawing

1st stage

To begin with, the artist drew the pencil sketch for the image and picked the pen.  Artist started drawing the best ink drawing of the year.

amazing pen drawing

2nd stage

He completed a portion of his awesome pen drawing. Now he needs to sketch the drawing entirely by using the ballpoint pen.

3rd stage

Most of the portions of his picture are completed. Now there is final touching for the artwork. Keep reading.

4th stage

Background and the kid is fully drawn. Still, he needs to complete it.


So finally, this picture became one of the must be remembered pictures. And Brian became most remembered the ink drawing artist. We all need to see all other amazing drawings of brian.

Comments on his tweet:-

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