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Which Are The 10 Highest Grossed Indian Films

Which Are The 10 Highest Grossed Indian Films [As Per Today’s Date]

When we discuss Highest Grossed Indian Films these are coming. There are controversies regarding Dangal and Baaubali. But I collected this from Wikipedia. Keep reading!!

Dangal – ₹2,109.23 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films dangal

This is more than a movie. It gives us the culture of Indian Martial arts. Dangal is both inspiring and entertaining. The movie inspired me a lot and taught me many things. Aamir Khan was always disappointed with his Daughters.But, Once he found that they are best in wrestling, He understands that girls can even do a lot in wrestling field.

Once it is released the movie in India, It is not the one grossed more. After when it is released in China the movie grossed more than 1.3 cr. The movie comes first when we talk about Highest Grossed Indian Films.

Baahubali: The Conclusion – ₹1,706.5 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films baahubali

Baahubali The Conclusion is the second and ending part of the movie Baahubali. The movie created a buzz in the Indian film history. SS Rajamouli who directed the film reminds us that Indian films can cross over 1000 mark. Even the Dangal crossed the record, Baahubali the conclusion still the first Indian movie grossed 1000 cr. This movie comes second in Highest Grossed Indian Films.

PK – ₹832 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films PK

There is no one in India can not able to laugh and sentimental after watching the movie. Rajkumar Hirani directed the PK was little made big problems in India. But, PK was the first movie which crossed more than 700 crores in the film history.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan – ₹630.86 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films bajrangi baaijan

Who is here don’t like the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  It tells us the story of small kid she lost her way back to home. The movie made a difference in the India because the kid was from Pakistan. After when she got Salman Khan she tries to go her home with him. But due to the rules and regulations between India and Pakistan does not allow them to cross.

Baahubali: The Beginning – ₹600 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films baahubali

The movie is the first part of the movie Baahubali: The conclusion. SS Rajamouli directed movie shown that Indian films can even make like Hollywood movies. The story tells us about the Mahishmati Kingdom.

The movie is the one which every film lovers must watch. All of the actors and actresses acted a lot better in both sequels. Both movies were shot about 400 days. Peoples waited almost 1.5 years for the Conclusion part only because of this film.

Sultan – ₹589.25 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films sultan

Another wrestling film from Bollywood. Ali Abbas Zafar directed the movie is a great movie acted by Salman Khan in the leading role. The story tells us about a wrestler who made a lot of success in the career. But due to his overconfidence, he saw the death of his son. After a long time he back in wrestling and became the winner.

Dhoom 3 – ₹589.2 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films dhoom 3

One of the best from the sequels Dhoom. Dhoom 3 was one of the best thriller films in Indian Film history. We can not forget the scenes of Chicago which was awesome. Only because of Aamir Khan’s skills made the movie into a great success.

3 Idiots – ₹459.96 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films 3 idiots

Engineers are something like multi-talented. That’s why they are trolled too much. Who is in the world don’t like the study life of an engineer. 3 Idiots are the movie tells us the story of 3 engineers and especially one [ Aamir Khan]. Who is always back bench and scores first in the exams.

The movie made a lot of difference in the Indian education life. The movie taught us how we study and what stream we should take. After when the movie mixed with some love story, It was completely interesting.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – ₹432 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films prem ratan dhan paayo

We are in billion and considering we all have different choices and for a few things, like Salman Khan’s movie, there is comparably more audience. Movies like wanted, kick makes more money than udaan etc for the same reason.

The movie was not exactly a good one. But due to the acting of Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor, it crossed more than 400cr.

Chennai Express – ₹423 crore

Highest Grossed Indian Films chennai express

The movie tells about the culture and the behavior of the south India. There are sayings that Chennai Express made its money only because of SRK. Its oke, But it is because of SRK and his acting in the movie.

We remember the dialogue of SRK “Enna raskale” that was completely comedian.

These are the 10 Highest Grossed Indian Films according to Wikipedia. Thanks for reading. Make sure you shared the post.