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What Is Halloween Why Do We Celebrate History Behind

What Is Halloween? Why Do We Celebrate? History Behind

What Is Halloween?


Halloween is a corruption of “holy evening”. The Celts believed that it is the time the dead would revisit their homes. They would lit bonfires and ask for purity.

After a few centuries, the belief in ghosts had gone away but people thought it was funny to dress up as one. Thus, from about 18th-century people in Wales and other regions started dressing up as evil spirits and ghosts to make fun of the concept of bringing back the dead. To scare the dead, people also carry various lanterns such as the Jack-o’-lantern. Check out the history behind Halloween.

History behind Halloween

Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve. Pope Gregory III, in the eighth century, assigned November 1st as a day to honor all saints and martyrs. This day was declared as a holiday and named as All Saints Day. The day before All Saints Day was known as Hallows’ Eve and later came to be known as Halloween.



Why Do We Go Trick Or Treat?

It’s trusted that started when Irish transients made a trip to America to avoid the starvation of the 1800s. As a piece of the Samhain celebration, Irish revelers would go from way to-way to take an interest in “souling”.

Soulers would visit the homes of their neighbors to gather nourishment and endowments on the guarantee that they would appeal to God for the dead on All Soul’s Day.In Scotland, individuals would go guising, where they could win a ‘treat’ by performing for the house-occupant.

Halloween day 2017 – Tuesday – 31 October


Why do we celebrate Halloween?

The very early celebration of Halloween was seen amongst the Celtic people who lived in areas now known as Great Britain and Northern France. The Celts were people who worshipped nature especially the Sun God. They also worshipped a God named Samhain who was believed to be the Lord of the dead and cold winter season.

They believed in the Vigil of Samhain which said that on October 31st all dead souls would be summoned by Samhain and would take the body of the animals and roam around the Earth. The priests of the Celtic people would then build large fires on hilltops in order to give strength to the Sun God and remove the darkness.

They sacrificed animals and burned dried crops in order to help the Sun God. They believed that this ritual would help the Sun God to overcome the winter season and shine again. At midnight they would start worshipping Samhain. This day would start the beginning of New Year.

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