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Killer Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher On YouTube

Killer Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher On YouTube

When it comes to online business YouTube is one of the best options.We all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.(Google ranks first). Starting a YouTube channel will be pretty easy.But you won’t rank on YouTube If you are not following these tips and tricks for youtube channels.

If we are thinking to earn money, Maybe YouTube is not for you!But of course, if you are willing to make great videos on youtube you will earn huge one day. In my words, I’m saying that if you are planning to make a youtube channel, You have to follow these.

As a newbie blogger, I can say that without hard work nothing will happen.It happens maybe if you have the hands of GOD.Right, Come to the point we should concentrate only on making great quality content to rank higher on YouTube.

Tip 1: Create Viral Videos:-

create viral videos

When it comes to viral, It’s not suitable everyone.creating viral content depends on the creativity hiding inside you. But to become a YouTuber you always willing to learn new.Comes to the point create viral content, You must concentrate the trending topics.I’m saying that if your channel is about WordPress tutorial, You should aware about what updates coming on the WordPress.Tell me more! If the channel is about awesome dish preparation, You have to try more and more dishes every day.

As a viral video creator, you can check the websites like

As they provide what is going on the internet and which topic is shared most.When it comes to google trends, You will get the trending about particular niche and demographics they are trending.

When it comes to BuzzSumo, They provide hourly, Weekly based trending topics and how much they shared. As a new YouTuber, you should check out these to rank higher.

Tip 2: Be Consistent

be consistent

Consistency is nothing like what we do in our daily life. You can’t avoid foods for some days. Same happens when it comes to YouTube. Most of the big YouTubers make this mistake.When someone waiting for your video in a particular time and you are the creators makes nothing  (say: Make tomorrow). What your subscriber does, They just unsubscribe from your channel and go to another channel. That pretty hurts. I’m right!

So be consistent to create videos on time. At least create a video once in a week and say, let’s see on next week. That interesting.Make a channel trailer and say what day you will upload your video. As a creator, you won’t have an ego. The subscriber doesn’t wait as per your time.

  • Create videos at least once per week
  • Fix a particular time so that subscribers can come back to you.

Tip 3: Engage With Your Audience

engage with audience

As a creator, you must concentrate this tip. You maybe noticed that viewers comments. And what they say, If your video pretty well.They comment very well.I’m right? But you are a creator doesn’t even take a look at these comments. What the viewer think! Creator has a petty ego. So that they don’t even consider your videos when they grab their YouTube.

So Fix some time to engage with your audience.So that you can reply the viewer’s comment and ask something special to the viewers. maybe viewers have dozens of interesting topics which they actually want you to make a video

  • Reply comments
  • Ask viewers comeback in a particular Date for a reason

Tip 4: Social Share – It’s Everything

Share youtube videos

You may wonder why social share affects the growth of your YouTube channel. Let’s think you have a facebook page with lots of followers. What you do! I mean just getting fun from posting enjoyable posts or something educational. What will happen if you share your video to Facebook and you are getting a sound of traffic from that? It’s pretty awesome. So consider sharing your video to the biggest social media sites.

Sites which you must share:-

From Facebook, you can share the video to your fan page and earn high-quality views from it. Reddit is one of the best platforms for getting high-quality views from subreddits. Subreddits nothing like having a great number followers.

Tip 5: Time To Do The SEO

youtube seo

It’s the time for doing some search engine optimization for your video.Search engine optimization is nothing [SEO] but the steps to rank higher on youtube searches.Search engines are just robots, I mean programs that check for the keywords and tags, to rank a video on higher searches. If that program that found a video that has a decent number of views, valuable comments, likes, & social share will be ranked to YouTube search results.

Things you must consider to rank higher using SEO:-
  • Use tags for your video – use Google Keyword Planner
  • Use your video title SEO friendly – Use keywords in title
  • Make your descriptions lengthy and have complete description of your video
  • Use social share links in description

Tip 6: Advertise The Video/Channel

promote youtube videos

Tried all these methods, But nothing happened.Means your channel still on the depth. Now it’s seriously considered the paid advertisement platforms. Nowadays we have a number of advertisement platforms which gives higher organic viewers in a small amount. There you can directly promote your video using Google Adwords and take 2000 coupon code when you spend a 500.

You can advertise on Facebook as a sponsored ad. Facebook is one of the best social share platforms that peoples use currently. You can promote the video on Facebook and take an advantage of it.

Best paid advertisement platforms:-

So that was some of the basic tips for a YouTuber. I can guarantee you that, You will be succeeded once you followed these tips. Don’t think that Sucess is simple by just applying these tricks.Sucess is only for those who hard work.If you are really willing to make more valuable and great videos, You can apply these tricks and see the success.

Well, guys, It’s the time for sharing this article for those who struggle to rank in YouTube. Make sure you have subscribed me and check out my other blog posts.