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These Technologies That Changed The Future Of Hollywood

Technologies Used In Hollywood Movies

Well, guys, I’m back with an exciting blog!! Keep reading. Hollywood movies have given someways wonder to all of us. They are using all of the technologies and other related materials to produce high-quality Movies. They always use all types of VFX, Animation, Video editing techniques for their films.Take an eye on the latest technology in Hollywood.

However, We always like their techniques. Sometimes we getting wonder about them! Here in this post, I’m going to tell you some of the most used technologies that they used to produce their movies.

1.Motion capture

motion captureThe film release in 2001 named the LORD OF RINGS is used this technology first time.Motion capture is the way of recording an object or body actions in a sequence. The technology is used in a lot of Hollywood movies. In movies, they actually work for the computer graphics. In which we can create a lot of animated characters such as

2. Macro photography

Macro Photography
Macro Photography

Macro photography is somewhat called Macrography is used to take photographs of small objects and makes somewhat big size. When we click a macrography it creates a powerful image of the object in big size. See the example below:-


auro 3d

This technology used in some movie for the balancing of the sound all over the theater. The AURO 3D makes the sound distributes to all regions of the theater and makes it same to first raw to the last raw.

The sound technology was first developed in 2005 by Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO, and Founder of Galaxy Studios and Auro Technologies.As you can consider that, In this method the speakers are fixed in the walls or the surroundings and the central channel is fixed on the main area of hearing and there will be a balancing in heights. It can produce the sound in all regions is same.

For more details visit this website: – Auro 3D

4. IMAX Technology

imax technology

IMAX is the acronym of Image Maximum which is used in a lot of recently released movies. Here they capture the images in high-resolution mode. That images they used to develop their intro and other outros. The films used IMAX Technology:-

5.Super cool Software For Awesome Visual Effects

Visual effects

All of the recently released movies took an advantage of this. Movies like AVATAR, IRON MAN, HULK was created only because of the computer graphics.Which, is developed through this software. Some of the software which is used to develop these animations.

  • GameBryo
  • Autodesk
  • Photoshop
  • NUKE
  • Houdini, Etc