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Jab harry met sejal

Why Shahrukh Khan Acted In A Movie Like “Jab Harry Met Sejal”

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab harry met sejal is a movie about the nature and importance of love. I liked the movie. A lot. Yes, Shahrukh Khan overacted in a couple of places, but that’s to be expected with him. He overacts in all his movies.

Moreover, Not every film has to be about action and drama and crime or superheroes. Sometimes it’s nice to have a straightforward story about 2 people falling in love and not being sure about it. Romances that can’t happen – happen in real life.

I liked his character as it developed. I liked Anushka’s as well, though her motivation wasn’t nearly as clear as he was, that was probably a product of the director being male and the story is about how Harry deals with a woman toying with his emotions the way she was. For me – I spent the movie thinking – she’s being REALLY cruel to this guy.

Jab harry met sejal

To answer the question – why did he make such a normal film? Shahrukh Khan paid for the movie and he has done for them.

Maybe, because, Shah Rukh believed the director of the film, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, the talented man, ‘Imtiaz Ali’ and would’ve thought that he would bring out the best from him (Shah Rukh). Maybe, that’s why he signed the film blindfolded!

Shahrukh Khan liked the concept of the movie that is why he decided to work in “Jab Harry Met Sejal” but he should understand one thing now the generation has been changed so he has to change his choice and work style as well as Aamir and Akshay are doing.