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Salman Khan's New image In Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai : Salman Khan’s New Image Make You Crazy For The Trailer

Salman Khan’s New image In Tiger Zinda Hai

Only one day left for the trailer launch for the film Tiger Zinda Hai. The trailer will release on November 7. Here is something crazy that the director treating his fans with captivating stills from the movie. On the picture Salman Khan riding a black horse. Likely,  we can see that there is something interesting in that movie.

However, The director Ali Abbas Khan said:-

Salman took only three days to familiar with the horse and the ride.

The director uploaded the stills of the film shot from Morocco. Salman Khan performing the Indian intelligence agent in the movie. And there is Katrina Kaif Also doing some adorable action scenes.

Actually, the team does what, they have hired the best trainers from Hollywood productions. Ali Abbas Khan also added, ” It is very important to familiar with each other for the perfect shooting of the scenes”.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif make their big screen appearance after five years. While We have seen them together in the movie Ek Tha Tiger last time. The movie is scheduled to release on December 22.

Cast And Crew:- (Collected from IMDB)
Salman Khan Salman Khan
Tiger / Avinash Singh Rathore
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal
Angad Bedi Angad Bedi
Jay-Jay Botha Jay-Jay Botha
Erdal Besikçioglu Erdal Besikçioglu
Zachary Coffin Zachary Coffin
Najmeddin AlHadad Najmeddin AlHadad
Pradeep Singh Rawat Pradeep Singh Rawat
Casey Shannon Casey Shannon
Sam Jacobs
Kumud Mishra Kumud Mishra
Ned Yousef Ned Yousef
Girish Karnad Girish Karnad
Sameer Kochhar Sameer Kochhar
Prem Khan Prem Khan
Parvez Kazi Parvez Kazi
Najeem Khan Najeem Khan
Majed AlZubaidi Majed AlZubaidi
Baghdawi Guard
Steve Lorrigan Steve Lorrigan
Adam Kerry
Anjalie Gupta Anjalie Gupta
Danish Bhatt Danish Bhatt
Caption Javed
Khaldoun Alkhateeb Khaldoun Alkhateeb
Baghdawi Guard
Syed Shujat Syed Shujat
Baghdawi Guard
Hayat Asif Hayat Asif
Christian Mandel Christian Mandel
Maru Lukama Maru Lukama
Beschier Al-Hassooni Beschier Al-Hassooni
Khaldoun Khaldoun
Baghdawi Guard
Akef Najem Akef Najem
HosseinAnsari HosseinAnsari
Baghdawi Guard