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unit for transgenders

Is That Inspirational To Launch A Unit For Transgenders?

From today onwards they can also hang a flag in their hands. We hear every day that transgender made the principal of a college and news like that.But here what happened that The DYFI wrote a new footstep to the gender equality by making a unit for transgenders in Trivandrum, Kerala. That is the first unit for transgenders in the Indian country.The specialty is that the unit handling by the transgenders only.

unit for transgenders

Unit Members : –

There are 11 members in the unit. Out of 11, there is 9 are transgenders.

  • President: Surya Abhilash
  • Secretary: Shayama S Prabha
  • Vice Presidents: Sandhya Rajesh, Asma
  • Joint Secretary: Keerthy, Vaishnavi
  • Executive members: Achu, Diya, Abhi

These all members are transgenders.We can really appreciate this as the whole world neglecting them to come out for their development. We always saw them in the public and other areas.They have strict laws for their harassment and all in most of the country.

let’s take a look what the unit member said about this activity:-

“Its Great pleasre to be a member in DYFI and the leader of the unit. The DYFI made a great work they proved that We also have a role in the society. And we will be on the front for our rights.”
-Said Surya Abhilash

DYFI District secretary Mr.Saju handled the creating and the distribution of DYFI memberships.

“We are having the pleasure that, they considered us as a comrades. DYFI made the attempts for our rights. We are getting great support from DYFI and CPI (M)”

– Said Shayama S Prabha

Today the transgender world facing a lot of problems.Such as they are forced to wear dresses that they are suited to, Obviously they are facing the problem of asking the gender name, The gendered bathrooms etc. So we have to make sure that there is no one facing such problems near you!

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