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Celebs passed a tough past

5 Celebrities And Their Tough Past – Getviral

 Great celebrities lived in their past before they are famous.

We all know that most of the famous peoples or celebrities comes from very low situations.  Hard work and their determination changed everything in their life. May be i’m right?? Here I listed some of the well known celebrities passed a tough past.


tyler perry

Tyler Perry is a an actor and a director was came from a dark past. The actor wrote In his website that “I always thought I would die before I grew up,” . Shocked right?? His father was a usual drunk. One day he said in his website that his father beat with vacuum cleaner cord. The father beats him until his skin comes from his dark black.


charlize theron

This super hot actress made her role in most of her films. But she’s also a Hollywood star with a troubled past.She was a girl of an alcoholic father. And she saw problems between her family everyday.her father abuses her mother everyday.


This kind of former teen idol makes many of us gush with his smoldering good looks but he’s also another one of the Hollywood stars with a troubled past.Depp’s dad’s job required that this individual and his family move frequently which a new huge impact on family.He  himself as very odd and started  with drugs and beverage sat an early because of this of family problems.


She may be your favorite actress. Angelina too came from a tough past. While she was married to Bill Bob Thornton, we have a tendency to discovered that Angelina had a habituation, battled with eating disorder and was quite promiscuous in her earlier days.

Although Angelina had several struggles in her early years, she’s currently recognized united of the best paid actresses and is noted for her humanitarian efforts.


Wahlberg grew up within the powerful South Bean Town neighborhood of Dorchester. The youngest of 9 siblings, Wahlberg’s folks single once he was only eleven and he grew up dividing his time between them. Wahlberg had been in bother 20–25 times with the Bean Town local department throughout his youth. By age 13, he had developed Associate in Nursing addiction to hard drug.

Wahlberg has admitted that he made plenty of mistakes growing up and that he has learned from them. Today, Wahlberg is a fanatical Roman Catholic and attends church daily. The self-made actor/producer currently lives in LA together with his mate and their four children.