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Forbes list out 10 most paid actresses in Hollywood

After when Emma Stone wins her first Oscar award for the 2016 film named as La La Land she just grabbed in to the 10 most paid actresses of Hollywood by Forbes list 2017.On august 17 Wednesday Forbes released the 10 most paid actresses in the Hollywood industry. One of the super hit film of 2016 which is La La land made a box office of $445 million worldwide made the leading actress in to the first of the Forbes list.

As per the reports made Emma stone was auditioned more than 2 times for the film La La Land. may be those handwork which turn her in to the top list.

Now we look forward who are they ranked Most 10 paid Hollywood actresses in 2017.

Come with me:-

Emma Stone – Highest paid Hollywood actress

Emma stone most paid actress

As you know that if you can combine the total worth of the most paid actress of all Hollywood women comes under $172 million. But we can wonder that $26 million comes for Emma Stone

Jennifor Aniston

jennifor aniston most paid

She is the second most paid actress according to the list of 10 most paid Hollywood actresses. She has a net worth of $25.5 Million.She make most of her money through endorsements.

Jennifer Lawrence

She just earned about $24 million without even releasing her most awaited film Hunger games. She made all these worth only by her upcoming movies named as red Sparrow, Mother! , and Dior contract.

Melissa McCarthy

Mike and Molly, that screens about the overweight couple that stars Melissa in the main position alongside Billy Gar dell can be off-air, But as per Forbes said she just made a net worth of $18 million

Mila Kunis

One of the most hottest women among Hollywood. After the success of Bad Moms and its sequel in the process, Mila Kunis made her debut in the list by making $15.5 million

Emma Watson

She may be a new comer highest paid Hollywood actress, But she came to Hollywood after a long time ago. yo may be remember her super hit movie names as harry potter. However, the star is due to thank her films like The Beauty and the Beast and The Circle. Emma is paid the amount of $14 million for her works  as an actor in 2017.

 Charlize Theron

mic Blonde producer and actress Charlize Theron produced her film for the five years until it finally released at the box-office. Despite receiving a positive response from people, the films have performed averagely at the box-office. Charlize Theron has been paid $14 million.

Cate Blanchett

This Australian actress comes back to the rankings as she’ll be soon spotted in Marvel’s flick Thor: Ragnarok. She was on this list in the year 2009 as well. The total amount she received for her acting this year is $12 million.

Julia Roberts

Its fine her film Monster Ball may not have earned much at the box-office, but her forthcoming film Wonder, and drawing from her old movies plus Lancome advertisement has brought her to this place with the total earning of $12 million.

Amy Adams

Amy is normalizing her Film life better that anyone else in Hollywood. It’s okay she hasn’t topped the charts here, but we should not forget that she has won five nominations in the Oscars as well. She was paid $11.5 million in total.

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