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Fake WhatsApp Version Downloaded Over 1 Million Times : Check Yours

The App Is Exactly Look Like Official One

There is a fake WhatsApp spreading on the google play store. The fake WhatsApp downloaded about 1 million times. yesterday the official members of Reddit confirmed this problem.  Google play store is the exact place where the hackers can easily spread their virus and malware. As we know that we can easily upload to play store by just giving a 15$. And it is long last, I mean we can upload a number of apps for free. That is the prime reason for the fake apps coming in Playstore.

Let’s come to the news “As per the reports I have collected the fake one was exactly look like the official one. The user got confused to handle this problem. And they can’t identify It Is exactly came from official one or not. This what one Redditor said:-

Moreover, The WhatsApp comes under the social media giant Facebook. So there is something Google can’t identify that the fake version of WhatsApp. Let me tell you that it is the reason to destroy WhatsApp or to steal the data from users. The app downloaded more than 1 million times. Before they know it was spread. Even though, They removed the app from play store. But it will remain that big failure for Google that they can’t identify the problem.

Fake WhatsApp Version Downloaded Over 1 Million Times Check Yours

More importantly, the play store is just a bundle of apps that Is exactly waste or for spreading the virus. Let me give you an example that whenever you come play store and you see a lot of apps. Once you downloaded apps it gives us just ads only. They upload the apps and promote from Adwords only and makes money for free. Now Google must understand those apps and make sure the user protection.

What Will We Do?

What we can do that, Whenever we download an app from Play store make sure it comes from the official one, check the ratings, check the feedbacks, check the similar apps. So that we will escape from the malicious attempts.

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