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5 Ways To Earn Money Online In India [Without Investment] 1

5 Ways To Earn Money Online In India [Without Investment]

Proven Ways To Earn Money Online

This article is especially for those who are exploring the internet for making money. Earn Money Online is not simple as it was before. As per India, there is always a chance for failure. There is a lot of ways you can make money online. But let me tell you one thing, No Smartwork No Results. I meant Smartwork, not hard work. Maybe all of these methods not fit for you. But let me tell you one thing that, many of them you may familiar here. So, Today we will discuss 5 effective ways you can make money online. keep reading!!!

This video shows exactly the methods I have written:-


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1.Become a Freelancer
become a freelancer - Earn Money Online

Becoming a freelancer is not so simple. First, you have to find what abilities you have. Once you found a skill believe in yourself. Finally become a good learner and practice the skill. If you have done all of these you can go to the websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Elance, DesignCrowd and find a work fit for you.

Once you have selected a job, Complete the job as well as you can. Maybe the first time you can’t succeed. But doing jobs continuously can make you a good freelancer. And by doing so you can earn a lot of money through that sites. Check out the best freelancing sites to get started:-

  • Freelancer
  • Elance
  • DesignCrowd
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
2. Make your own website or a blog

make money from blogging - Earn Money Online

When it comes to Earn Money Online Building a website is not so much tough. Let me tell you this option is the best one among the ways to earn money online. You can easily find a perfect topic for starting a website. These topics are even called as niche. You can make your website for

  • Technology Updates
  • News Website
  • Entertainment Portal
  • Build a website that tells how to make money online
  • Web Apps for custom services
  • Controversy sites
  • etc

So you can start with WordPress, Joomla, Wix or any platform [ That is simple]. Then you should promote your content to maximize reach. And by doing so you are building an audience in the world of internet. Later, Once you a good reader strength in a month start put ads on the website. You can check out the best Ad publishing networks.

  • Google Adsense
  • Media.Net
  • Adsterra, etc
3.Earn Money Online By Starting a YouTube channel

earn money from YouTube - Earn Money Online

First, let me remind you one thing, All of you may have a skill. That is the perfect reason for you must start a YouTube channel. Many of you have abilities like:-

  • Ability to teach someone how to work with a software [ Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, etc]
  • Can entertain people
  • You are good at reviewing movies
  • Know something more in the technology world
  • Unbox Devices and know how to perfectly use them
  • Good in teaching skill as a subject based

These are just examples. Maybe you are good at something else. But you wanted to show your skill to the world. YouTube is the perfect location for making your own videos. Once you started a channel and created some awesome videos. Wait for it reach 10K views. After reaching 10k views you apply for Google Adsense partner program. Once you get approved you can earn a lot of stable income through it. If you are patient you can Earn Money Online through YouTube channel.

Some tips for those going to start a YouTube channel:-

  • Make your videos 10 minutes longer
  • Study of the YouTube SEO
  • Upload your videos consistently
  • Engage with your audience
  • Do not buy Views and Subscribers
4.Become an Article writer

make money by writing article - Earn Money Online

If you are a passionate writer you can earn a lot of money from that. Writing a 500-word article won’t take more than 1 hour. If you are a beginner you have to do it by 2 hours. So how it will be like earning 20k in one month. Yeah! In this method, you can earn 3-5$ for every article you write. Contentmart is the perfect place where you get started. Once you have signed up the form you should fill the about me section very carefully.

Tips for Article writers:-
  • Sign up with Contentmart
  • Fill the about me section very carefully
  • Add your experience [ For beginners try to add some previous examples of anything you wrote]
  • Pass the grammar test and try to verify with Contentmart [ 4 stars or 5 stars]
  • Select any bid and write article
  • Google the topic and learn
  • Don’t copy paste the articles

—–Read this article for how we can become a successful writer ” How to Make Money Being a Freelance Content Writer—–

5.Affiliate marketing

make money from affiliate marketing - Earn Money Online

Mostly many of you heard about Flipkart or Amazone’s affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is the marketing of their products through our website or any Facebook page. Many of you must have a Facebook, Twitter, or any website that driving some traffic. And many of you are earning some passive income through the website too. Here what we can do that, Apply for Amazone or Flipkart’s affiliate program and share the link with your friends. Once they bought any products that you promoted, You will get a commission from Flipkart or Amazon.

  • Sign up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing
  • Sign up for Flipkart’s affiliate marketing
  • Jabong Affiliate Program
  • Snapdeal Affiliate Program
Do not try these Jobs [Scam And Fraud Jobs]

Many of you peoples tried some methods I am going to discuss today. But you are not succeeding. Don’t worry, Try again and again. Once you will succeed must. In India especially a lot of scam and fraud thing happens. I am not going to suggest you do these jobs.

  • Copy & Paste Jobs
  • Captcha Solving
  • Content Rewriting
  • Scam jobs and illegal jobs
  • Data entry jobs

So start from today and earn some passive income online. Thanks for reading. If this article may be helped for what you are looking for, Share this to reach for more peoples.

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