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10 Famous Celebrities Accused In Jail For Several Offense

Open the blog post carefully only when you want to see the shocking names.

You may be get shocked after you hear some news that your favorite star went jail for some cases. Here in this article you can read about 10 most famous Actor and actress went jail for some cases.

1.Robert Blake


he was arrested and charged for the case of the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakely in 2001.After that the cop found her body with a bullet within her head in north Hollywood.But the man inside him was denied all of the crime done! he even shown any guilty for his works.Moreover he was responsible to pay about $30 million for the death of his wife. Later he was filed because of bankruptcy. he was one of the most famous celebrity that directly denied all his works.

2.Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis case

You may definitely hear about the famous movie Sons of Anarchy. You must remember the 28 year old actor. He was found dead in his owner’s house.This was happened when the owner of the house was dead in her home.Later the cop concluded that he was responsible for her death.

3.Aaron Hernandez

He was a famous football player was arrested for the murder of his co player Odin Lloyd. The reason for the murder was his friend dated with the sister of his fiancee.

4.Johnny Depp

johnny depp in potc was accused for a case

According to the news johnny Depp was allegedly filed for the physical and mental abusing of his wife named as amber.She filed the case for the divorce for their short marriage. Even the report said that he was smacked her face with his cell phone.

5.Sunjay Dutt

sainjay dutt

He is an Indian celebrity he was arrested more than once. He was sent to yerwad jail in Pune for the case proved that he was carried war weapons in his home. It is proved that he supplied the weapons and explosives smuggled into India to cause serial blasts in Mumbai.

6.Salman Khan

He is also an Indian celebrity was arrested  more than one complains filed against him in court. He was sentenced to jail for shooting some antelopes during his shot for a film in Rajasthan. He also had a case of hit-and-run in 2002 and sentenced to 5 year jail term by the Mumbai sessions court.

7.Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey, Jr. spent mostly  a year in a California substance abuse treatment facility and state prison after several parole violations associated with multiple drug charges.

8.Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons was in elementary school, Vernon Whitlock, Jr., spent three years in prison. A former Federal Marshal and bail bondsman, he was originally sentenced to 24 years for distributing cocaine and synthetic heroin, but his sentence was reduced when he provided the state information about his supplier.

9.Sonali Bendre

She is an Indian celebrity who was arrested for posing inappropriate for a magazine cover.That was sentenced for the religious issues. But she just got immediate bail from court.

10.Monika Bedi

She is an Indian celebrity was arrested with a gangster named abu salem. She was arrested by Lisbon police for the reason of entering in Portugal for forged documents.